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Why tune into the Inspired Marketer?

Welcome to “The Inspired Marketer,” the ultimate podcast for B2B tech marketers, by B2B marketers. Our podcast is tailored to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration you need to thrive in the ever-evolving B2B tech landscape.

In each episode, we dive deep into the world of tech marketing, bringing you expert insights, success stories, and actionable strategies from industry pioneers. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting out, our podcast is your go-to resource for honing your marketing skills and staying ahead of the competition.

Join us every month, and let us be your strategic partner in navigating the dynamic future of marketing.


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Dealing with the Risks & Rewards of Generative AI in Marketing

Learn from Orly Bar Lev, Head of Marketing at Lasso Security, about the rapidly evolving landscape of Gen AI and its profound impact on marketing professionals. Orly shares her expertise on the potential risks associated with using AI tools like ChatGPT, including data leakage, hallucinations, and prompt injection attacks. Listeners will gain valuable insights into how Gen AI tools can produce fake or inaccurate content, which can damage a brand’s reputation if published without verification and how to safely embrace Gen AI to gain a competitive advantage

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Navigating the Challenges of Rebranding: Insights from a Content Marketing Lead

In this exciting episode, Kareen Friedman, Content Marketing Lead at Fiverr Enterprise, shares her experience and valuable insights on the complex process of rebranding. Kareen discusses the challenges she faced when Stoke Talent, an Israeli startup, was acquired by Fiverr and subsequently rebranded as Fiverr Enterprise. She shares the key steps involved in the whole rebranding process. Listeners can learn about the importance of collaboration between various teams, prioritizing tasks, and managing the launch of a new brand.

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Unveiling the Strategic Power of Content & Brand Building in B2B Tech

In this insightful episode, Our CEO, Daniela Morein-Bar and Zohar Haimovitch, Sr. Director of Strategic Communications at HiBob go into the strategic core of content marketing within the B2B tech landscape. Zohar emphasizes the integral role of strategic planning as a linchpin in the overarching marketing strategy, underlining how content must align with the company’s point of view and brand narrative. The dialogue uncovers the nuanced interconnectedness between content strategy, market research, and the company’s unique story, offering actionable insights that promise to elevate B2B tech marketing efforts to new heights. 

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Mastering the Art of Impactful Communication: An Approach to Public Speaking

In this exclusive podcast communications expert Helen Gottstein from Loud and Clear Training unveils her powerful strategies to transform your public speaking powers. Discover the secrets of crafting compelling content, fostering emotional connections, and refining your physical delivery. Helen’s expert advice will help you navigate challenging situations with finesse, maximize audience engagement, and tailor your presentations for impactful delivery. Whether you’re a Marketing Manager, CEO, VP of Marketing, or an individual seeking to supercharge your public speaking skills and make every presentation a resounding success, this is an episode for you.

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Crisis Communications in Times of a Crisis with a PR & Communications Expert

Prepare your organization for unforeseen challenges with the Inspired Marketer podcast, where host Daniela Morein-Bar and PR & Communication expert, Janine Kohan, dive deep into the crux of crisis management for B2B marketing. Amidst the backdrop of Israel’s recent events, they explore the critical need for proactive planning and the role of transparent leadership in guiding stakeholders through turbulent times. This episode offers a treasure trove of insights for CEOs, marketing managers, and public relations professionals looking to bolster their strategic communication skills.

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Mastering LinkedIn Outbound: Strategies & Tactics from a Growth Marketing Expert

Step into the world of LinkedIn Outbound mastery with Roni Kon, Head of Growth Marketing at GeoEdge. He discusses how to redefine B2B lead generation and leverage LinkedIn’s sophisticated tools, like Sales Navigator, to not just reach but resonate with the ideal prospects, outlining the framework for measuring the effectiveness of LinkedIn campaigns, advocating for a data-driven approach that moves beyond mere connection counts to meaningful engagement rates. Get an insider’s look into methodical strategies for overcoming common obstacles such as low connection rates, with actionable insights on A/B testing outreach messages and fine-tuning profiles to boost visibility & credibility.

Inspired Marketing Podcast

How floLIVE's Holistic SEO Approach Drives Meaningful Engagement & Conversions

Learn from floLIVE’s Senior Demand Gen Manger, Yiz Segall on why SEO should be viewed as a distribution channel, not just a tool for rankings. Gain insights into innovative metrics like scroll depth and time on page that measure meaningful engagement. Find out how this strategy led to a 6-7 fold increase in blog completion rates and transformed SEO into a high-intent lead generator. Don’t miss these actionable tips that could redefine your SEO strategy and deliver real business impact.

Inspired Marketing Podcast

A Deep Dive into Burnout, Team Dynamics, and Self-Care

Learn from Claudia Brandt, personal coach, as she dives into the emotional challenges of today’s workplace. She introduces the “color personalities” concept, emphasizing collaboration among ‘Reds,’ ‘Yellows,’ and ‘Blues,’ and offers strategies for managing burnout and navigating rapid technological changes. Discover actionable strategies for navigating rapid technological changes and ensuring emotional well-being. A must-listen for modern professionals.

Inspired Marketing Podcast

My Journey as a Digital Marketer and Founder of Inspired Marketing

Join our CEO and Founder, Daniela Morein-Bar, in a candid conversation with our Head of Social Media, Rose Lavelle. Dive into Daniela’s journey as she shares the inspiration behind establishing Inspired Marketing, key lessons learned, and the personal successes she’s garnered as a Digital Marketer at the helm of the company.

Inspired Marketing Podcast

About the Host

Daniela Morein-Bar is the CEO and Founder of Inspired Marketing. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, branding, and strategy, Marketing, Branding, and she is an expert in driving unprecedented results.

Daniela is deeply passionate about building new teams, developing new methodologies, and refining marketing tactics to reach maximum potential and creativity.

As the host of “The Inspired Marketer,” Daniela shares her insights on digital marketing strategy, new product development, brand management, and much more. She believes in continually measuring the effectiveness of common practices while exploring new trends and insights to optimize results in the ever-evolving digital marketing world.

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