Leadership & Crisis Communication Insights with a PR & Communications Expert

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Prepare your organization for unforeseen challenges with the Inspired Market podcast, where host Daniela Morein-Bar and PR & Communications expert, Janine Kohan, dive deep into the crux of crisis management for B2B marketing. Amidst the backdrop of Israel’s recent events, they explore the critical need for proactive planning and the role of transparent leadership in guiding stakeholders through turbulent times. This episode offers a treasure trove of insights for CEOs, marketing managers, and public relations professionals looking to bolster their strategic communication skills.

Discover the fine art of balancing internal and external messaging, upholding brand values, and crafting contingency plans that ensure organizational resilience. Essential listening for leaders who aspire to navigate their companies with assurance and strategic acumen in the face of crisis. Join us for an enlightening session that could redefine how you communicate in times of uncertainty.

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