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B2B Marketing Automation

Scale with Ease through Marketing Automation for B2B Companies

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a sophisticated technology-based system of automated, triggered emails and other online interactions that allow businesses to engage with leads, buyers and customers in more meaningful ways. Now imagine managing end-to-end social media campaigns, tracking and nurturing leads through email marketing and automated emails, and enabling customers to succeed at every step of your sales funnel. This is the power of marketing automation.

What Are The Benefits of B2B Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a powerful tool for increasing time and cost efficiency. It identifies new revenue channels. When businesses use marketing automation, they can streamline their marketing and sales activities over multiple platforms.

This counter-intuitive benefit, spurred by the customer-empowerment angle that automation drives, is just one of many that B2B marketing teams can enjoy when employing a marketing automation strategy:

  • Increase lead generation and sales
  • Segment leads and implement lead scoring to better understand lead quality and increase the number of qualified leads
  • Save time and money on high ROI marketing activities
  • Finely-tune sales cycles and nurture leads with data-driven insights
  • Improve tracking and discover new opportunities
  • Upscale customer engagement and build loyalty
  • Raise brand awareness in multiple places, among multiple target audiences

Marketing automation is not just a resource and sales funnel management tool. It allows you to increase your company’s role in your customers’ lives through increased distribution of relevant content, and to keep operations healthy by initiating sales flows across different points in the sales cycle.

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How Does B2B Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, because it can help you reach customers at the right time and in the right place. We’ve developed a four-step system to maximize your ROI and get more people talking about your brand.

Here’s How it’s Done.

At Inspired Marketing, we believe the success of any marketing initiative hinges on our understanding of your needs and assets, and on the clarity of the goals we set from the outset. In our first meeting, our marketing manager will perform an end-to-end analysis of your sales pipeline and review your current marketing assets and initiatives. We’ll discuss what success looks like for you and how we can achieve it with the support of marketing automation. 

Using the information we gather in the discovery, we’ll segment your customer base, implement lead scoring where relevant, and develop automation workflows that correspond to their specific place in the sales cycle. We’ll identify which aspects of your sales funnel are prime for immediate automation and discuss which marketing automation software we’ll use to centralize your marketing activities and converge them with your CRM. 

Through a detailed mapping process and preliminary lead scoring, we’ll understand how your automation can nurture relationships, perfect the customer journey through the sales funnel, and support conversions and upselling. We’ll also introduce new outreach channels and inbound marketing techniques to maximize conversion and customer satisfaction. 

Our marketing automation process transforms passive audiences to active ones. Together with a dedicated team of content writers, your marketing manager will lead the creation of effective inbound marketing assets that directly correspond to the customer journey and offer them meaningful opportunities to make the most of your products and services. 

Our digital media specialists will direct the technical implementation of these assets across multiple marketing automation platforms – Hubspot, ActiveTrail, LinkedIn Outbound Tools, Mailchimp, and more – meeting your customers in the spaces that they are most likely to interact. With this customer-centric approach to engagement, you’ll build clients’ trust, efficacy, relevance, and loyalty through each step of the sales funnel.

The greatest miracle of marketing automation is the sea of data it puts at your fingertips. When marketing automation tools are merged with CRM data, the successes and shortcomings of your marketing initiatives and sales pipeline become crystal clear. We use these insights for lead scoring and nurturing, to identify new customer segments and tailor automation plans for them, and to improve your overall automation workflow. Each week, your marketing manager will review the data and apply its lessons, setting you up for maximum growth with minimal effort.

Ready to start with Marketing Automation?

We are a HubSpot Partner so our main goal is to apply every bit of our expertise toward growing your business, increasing retention, and getting your brand the widespread attention it deserves. Talk to us to learn more about how your company can sail to new heights B2B marketing automation with HubSpot.

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