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Marketing Management as a Service

Scale with Ease through Marketing Management Services for B2B Companies

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What are Marketing Management Services?

Marketing Management services are a comprehensive suite of services designed to give companies the same advantages (and more) of employing an in-house marketing team, without heavy resource investment. Before the digital revolution, small in-house marketing teams were generally able to cover their company’s marketing needs. But today, where digital marketing platforms and trends change by the minute, companies need their marketers to be as dynamic as the marketplace itself. 

Inspired Marketing specializes in assembling the right marketing team to achieve your goals, when your company needs it most. Our seasoned marketing managers and experts have experience with a diverse range of B2B industries, enabling us to apply leading marketing trends across the board. If you choose to work with us, they quickly become full-fledged members of your team, immersing themselves in your products and services, learning your target audiences, and identifying and seizing new opportunities for growth.  

This means that you’ll be able to leverage top marketing talent working at a breakneck pace to give you an edge over competitors — but without the cost and time investment of employing and developing an internal marketing team.

Naturally, these tremendous advances changed the terrain of marketing forever.  

Long gone are the days of advertising via mailers filled with overwrought product descriptions or on billboards aimed at no one in particular. Marketing in the digital age, for B2C and B2B enterprises alike, is no longer about devising a path that leads to a sales transaction, but rather, it’s about cultivating a brand that fosters interaction and engagement. Today’s consumers are digital natives whose purchasing decisions are  guided by their sense of identification with the businesses they buy from. The customer is now part and parcel of the brand.

The Importance of Marketing Management Services for B2B Companies

As businesses grow, so do their opportunities. But for small and mid-sized companies that face manpower constraints, operational and customer service needs frequently trump marketing imperatives. These compromises are necessary to maintain productions, but they are also the ones that most impede growth.

Marketing Management services make the choice between growth and efficient operations obsolete.

With Inspired Marketing’s Marketing Management services for B2B companies, your company can stay focused on delivering a superior experience to customers, while a devoted marketing manager and team work to increase your brand’s exposure and drive qualified leads and conversions. 

In the post-COVID-19 era, the move from in-person business networking to mostly online meetings has had a meaningful impact on how B2B companies do business. B2B tech companies of all sizes can no longer rely on conferences or meetups to score big accounts. Now more than ever, a company’s reputation in the digital space must precede it in order to attract the necessary attention. For this reason, our marketing managers emphasize digital branding and marketing strategies to hook clients, countering the dwindling opportunities to develop partnerships organically, in-person. 

Outsourcing your marketing manager addresses these common B2B challenges in one fell swoop. Imagine scaling rapidly through high ROI online exposure, without subtracting one iota of attention from your relationships with your existing customers. Your company can be in a growth position while it keeps doing what it does best, with zero compromise on productivity. This is the power of our Marketing Management services.

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Outsourcing Marketing: A Proven Path to Growth

Outsourcing has been a formidable trend for the better part of a decade,and some of today’s most noteworthy tech unicorns – Github, Alibaba, and Skype – cite outsourcing as a key factor in their growth. But beyond the obvious economic benefit of cutting costs by 60% or more, outsourcing a marketing manager has a host of less obvious, but substantial, underlying benefits. 

Dedication: Our experience has taught us that no single marketing tool is more powerful for growth than having a dedicated marketing executive who understands your business and how best to present it on multiple channels. Led by a seasoned marketing manager, a team of experts creates and implements marketing strategies and products that will have you leading in your field, both in terms of exposure and reputation. 

Know-how: Armed with the knowledge gained by leading hundreds of campaigns in a variety of industries, outsourced marketing managers can not be matched in their versatility or their breadth of approaches. There is no substitute for experience, and a seasoned marketing manager’s exposure to countless marketing challenges supplies great power in overcoming obstacles and breaking through to new target clients. 

Innovation:  Sometimes, familiarity can lead to a lull in creativity. Inspired Marketing’s marketing managers bring fresh eyes to your business, helping you to see yourself from new angles, in new partnerships, and even in new markets.  As such, Marketing Management services have the power to inject new life into your company’s branding and  marketing initiatives. 

An Outside Eye: Everyone has blind spots-  bottlenecks in the sales pipeline or failing to spot potential growth opportunities are common experiences for companies who operate in the same market for an extended period of time. Inspired Marketing’s marketing managers are equipped to spot pitfalls and fine-tune your message and pipeline, ensuring that once potential clients are hooked, none will be lost.

How it Works

Inspired Marketing’s Marketing Management services encompass a broad range of marketing activities including:

With our accordion model, your company has the freedom to pick up expertise when you need it, and scale back when a project comes to an end. Our marketing manager leads a comprehensive process that includes research, strategy, implementation, and constant optimization to achieve your goals. 

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Under your marketing manager’s supervision, a dedicated team of content, social media, marketing automation, and paid advertising and lead generation experts work together seamlessly to ensure that you shine in your marketplace – making every marketing asset and campaign count.

Here’s How it’s Done.

Our marketing professionals come from a wide variety of backgrounds and fields. We hand-pick the marketing manager that is a proven mover and shaker in your industry, capable of helping your company achieve its goals. In our first meeting, we lead you through a detailed discovery process and articulate your assets, needs, and goals. After defining your agenda, our marketing manager becomes fully immersed in your business – learning your clients and processes, and working closely with all stakeholders to ensure brand consistency and alignment with your goals.

While similar service providers and products might operate in the same market(s), no two companies are alike. Our marketing managers carry out comprehensive market research to understand your market position and define your unique value propositions, and crystalize your brand values in strong messaging and content that will capture your targeted personas. 

Your marketing manager helps you identify your ideal target audience personas and main industry influencers, and unlock what your potential and existing customers want and help them to overcome barriers to action through an intensive process of market, keyword, customer intent, competitor and industry research.

Your marketing manager collaborates with your team, writers, and digital marketing experts to ensure your brand’s messaging is on point, on target, and on time. We design cross-platform digital marketing plans that emphasize visibility and engagement, all built around your objectives, budget, and changing needs. 

We use a variety of advanced digital marketing tools to track our successes and spot where improvement is needed. Each week, your marketing manager will meet with you to review campaign data, track KPIs, and set new benchmarks. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer you maximum ROI by staying abreast of developments in your market and in the digital marketing sphere, harnessing our in-house experts and external partners to continually offer your company new avenues for growth.

Ready to Take Advantage of Managed Marketing Services from Inspired Marketing?

Are you ready for an extension of your in-house team to achieve meaningful growth with zero fuss? An Inspired Marketing manager is ready to meet you to discuss leveraging our experience to meet and exceed your growth targets.

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