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Aspiring to create a mobility ecosystem that uses data to make every driving experience truly rewarding, Otonomo (NASDAQ: OTMO) makes car data as valuable as possible to drivers, passengers and the transportation ecosystem as a whole.


Aspiring to create a mobility ecosystem that uses data to make every driving experience truly rewarding, Otonomo (NASDAQ: OTMO) makes car data as valuable as possible to drivers, passengers and the transportation ecosystem as a whole.

With a commitment to delivering solutions that adhere to the strictest privacy and security standards, Otonomo’s data services platform reshapes, harmonizes, enriches and secures connected car data so that its growing network can deliver advanced driver solutions.


The Challenges

In the midst of the pandemic, Otonomo was looking to boost its online presence and take its social media presence to new heights with a stronger strategy that would optimize its reach, following, engagement rate, and web traffic. However, with a small marketing team, the company realized it could not afford to wait out six months for a natural growth rate so it turned to Inspired Marketing for support with social media services, and for an objective viewpoint on growth, ideas, and pain points. 

In addition, the marketing team wanted to collaborate with an experienced technical marketing writer to create content and landing pages with a fast turnaround time that would maximize web traffic and conversions. For this reason, Inspired Marketing’s content marketing services were later added to the mix.

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Otonomo had demanding social KPIs they wanted to reach:

  • 50% increase in social web traffic to be reached by the end of 2020
  • 50% increase in new sessions from social to the site by end of 2020
  • LinkedIn follower presence to double by the end of the year
  • 5% increase in engagement rate each month on all social networks
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The Process

Initially, Otonomo approached Inspired Marketing for social media services, and later, content marketing services were added to the mix. The team at Otonomo stressed the importance of working with outsourced social media and content experts who would use their methodologies and systems, become a part of their team, and consistently test and optimize for results. 

  1. Research and content strategy 

In a short time, Inspired Marketing scheduled a kick-off team call around Otonomo’s specific organic social media goals, challenges and desired outcomes. With these in mind, we researched relevant brand, industry and niche hashtags for social media. Next, we looked out for key industry influencers that could help establish Otonomo as a thought leader in the market. In addition, we also studied the relevant target audiences and personas, together with their online presence, and created scheduling timetables according to their online behavior. 

  1. Defining KPIs and deliverables

Next, we defined measurable KPIs such as engagement, reach, clicks, followers, impressions and shares to make sure we were on track to meet our goal. By monitoring these metrics, we could laser focus on the best-performing content (post, monthly eBook, weekly blogs, and guides). In addition, we used native analytics from each channel to create new insights and next steps for the company’s social communications and future social strategy on a monthly basis.

  1. Ongoing process including weekly sync and insight collection

Communication drives our process, so we started a weekly virtual sync with the marketing executive team to share ideas and stay updated with company news. The insights from our weekly sync helped us capitalize time-sensitive opportunities as that is important for social media marketing. To this end, we supported Otonomo in getting the word out when they went public on NASDAQ (OTMO) on August 17th, 2021. We also helped with their announcement when they acquired Neura, a leader in AI-powered Mobility Intelligence, on October 5th, 2021.

  1. Agility and responsiveness

Inspired marketing is a b2b tech marketing agency and our team works with our clients with the tools they need us to connect with them. To stay agile and responsive, we outlined a social media execution timeline customized to Otonomo’s project management systems. Then, we created a sample brand messaging for immediate posting, weekly series ideas, and a monthly analytical report with insights pulled from before and after our partnership. 

  1. Complimentary activities including tips on employees’ posting

Once approved by key stakeholders, we scheduled our social content in time frames that met peak audience times. We also coached employees on the best way to upload content to their personal profiles and gave them tips for engagement. Our efforts paid off as these social channels had more engagement in a short time and generated high-quality leads as well. 

  1. Collaboration

Otonomo surpassed its initial KPIs by working in tandem with Inspired Marketing to build a sustainable and customizable social and content strategy. With daily communications procedures and measurable strategies, we were able to optimize its reach, engagement, and growth – especially in a time when social media was at its most competitive point.

The Results

Working closely and transparently with the team at Otonomo and deploying our intensive social media and content marketing strategies, we were able to help Otonomo achieve the following:

  • By the end of Q2 2020 (after only two months of collaborating with Inspired Marketing, Otonomo achieved the following results on its social channels:
    • LinkedIn engagements increased by 271%
    • Twitter shares increased by over  646%
    • Facebook clicks increased by  987%
    • Twitter clicks increased by 647%
    • LinkedIn clicks increased by 432 %
  • At the end of Q4 2020, Otonomo’s LinkedIn page reached over 10,000 followers and had a total of over 80,000 social organic impressions and 2,000 clicks
  • At the end of 2021, the channels had reached a follower growth of over 132% and engagements had grown by over 1,700%

These amazing results didn’t just happen. They were made possible through the strong relationship, communication, and close collaboration developed between Inspired Marketing and Otonomo, and by the proven social media and content marketing methods we used to deliver fast results.

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When we first approached Inspired Marketing, we knew that we were asking for the impossible. But they took on the challenge like it was a piece of cake. Before long, we saw our dreams come true and now, our goals have been exceeded. By leveraging Inspired Marketing’s social media and content marketing services, we have been able to collaborate with more stakeholders who need car data and our wide range of SaaS offerings to make mobility easier, smarter and more lucrative. We have also established our brand as a leading platform and marketplace for mobility intelligence.
We are a fast-paced, multi-media content factory focused on building our brand and senior leaders as thought leaders in an emerging market. We turned to Inspired Marketing to help us build an engaged community across several social media channels. The results have been amazing. Our account manager has become an integral part of our team. She is a key to building our strategy, creative brainstorming sessions, and campaign evaluations. We gratefully leveraged her knowledge (and that of the wider Inspired Marketing team) of the various social media channels and diverse communities to develop our own best practices. I highly recommend Inspired Marketing as your go to partner for social media and content marketing services.