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Employer Branding

Recruit and Retain the Best Talent with Employer Branding Services for B2B Companies

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What is Employer Branding?

A strong employer brand can reduce your cost per hire by as much as 50%. 

When done right, it tells the story of why your company is such a great place to work—and can establish your company as a top employer in a competitive job market. 

Companies cannot afford to overlook the fact that a large part of their success rests on their ability to hire and retain the right employees. In today’s competitive job market, the best way to increase the number of high-quality and relevant candidate applications you receive and to retain your best people is to invest in your employee branding. With a thoughtful strategy in place, you can communicate your company values and encourage the talent you want to join your company and become loyal employees.

Why is Employer Branding Important During the Hiring Process?

80% of talent acquisition managers believe that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring great talent. 

Companies need every advantage they can get in order to recruit and sign the right candidates. It’s important to remember that job seekers are doing a lot of research on any new employer they’re considering. They want to be sure they’re making the right choice and want to imagine themselves in their future role. They’ll be asking themselves questions like:

  • What role will I have in the company’s success?
  • What is the office environment like?
  • Who are my coworkers?
  • Is the company culture more happy hour or hackathon, or maybe a mix of both?

An employer brand will answer these questions and highlight everything that makes your company unique and—frankly—better than your competition. 

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When candidates scroll through job postings on Linkedin or other job sites, you want them to stop on your ads and apply. When a recruiter reaches out to a potential hire about an opportunity, you need them to be excited and want to learn more.  That’s exactly the goal of a great employer branding strategy. It ensures that when job candidates go online to find more information about your company, they’ll like what they see and feel excited to apply.

In addition to attracting potential candidates to apply for positions at your company, your employer brand will also determine how these candidates approach the interview process and negotiate the offer stage. Will a candidate accept your offer and leave their current employer? Will a candidate give your company prime consideration over other recruiters vying for their attention? In the end, it will come down to the reputation you’ve built as an employer.

Invest in your Employer Brand to Lower Recruitment Costs and Attract Better Candidates

Without an employer brand, your company is likely to spend more money on every employee you hire. Your recruiters will work much harder and spend a lot of effort to get quality employees through the door. With a strong employer brand, your recruiters will have an easier time attracting and signing top talent.

Employer brand directly impacts the cost of recruiting, the quality of your hires, and ultimately your company’s bottom line. Companies with positive employer brands can get up to twice as many applications as those with negative or non-existent brands. Considering that today’s HR managers find it challenging to hire the talent they need, employer branding will give your recruitment efforts a much-needed boost.

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How can Inspired Marketing help with your Employer Branding?

According to research done by Glassdoor, 86% of HR professionals believe that recruitment is becoming more and more like marketing over time.

As with all marketing, a strong employer brand is all about great storytelling. That’s where Inspired Marketing comes in. We can create and execute an employer branding strategy that will turn your company into a talent magnet and reduce recruiting costs. Ready to hear more?


The Process:

A well-executed EVP can decrease employee turnover by 69%

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) communicates the values of your company and what’s unique about working at your organization. This process involves in-depth conversations with your company’s leaders, HR team, and employees. By getting to know your company’s core vision, values, and culture, we can translate them into marketing materials that reflect these values and will attract the right employees.

68% of millennials visit an employer’s social media accounts to evaluate the employer’s brand.

Your company’s social media accounts are a powerful tool for attracting talent and showing off your culture and people. When a job seeker first comes into contact with your company, they’ll head straight to your social media accounts. Inspired Marketing will work with your HR team to create a social media strategy that shows off your employer brand and makes your company stand out. We’ll also work with employees to create and share content on social media that can generate buzz about your company and make them feel proud to work for your company.

According to research done by LinkedIn, the most effective tools for employer branding include company websites, online professional networks, and social media. 

Your company’s Careers page is an extension of your employer brand. Here, you can tell your company story and improve your company’s landing pages to attract the right candidates and get them to apply. Using rich media such as photos and videos and writing job descriptions that align with your culture are just a few ways we can do it. In addition, we can collect and feature employee testimonials on an ongoing basis, another powerful way to establish trust and encourage more candidates to apply.

Employee opinion is three times more credible than the CEO’s when it comes to talking about what it’s like to work in that company.

Your employees know first-hand how great it is to work at your company. Inspired Marketing will help you make it easy for them to spread the word. Working with your company’s HR team, we’ll identify creative ways to encourage employee engagement and participation in the process, including employee-generated content to share on social media, employee photoshoots, and video interviews about life at your company. We can also set up a “refer a friend” program to incentivize employees to share open roles on their social accounts and encourage their peers to apply.

According to Glassdoor research, about 75% of all active job seekers are more likely to apply for a job when the employer manages its employer brand.

Our employer branding strategies combine several different elements. Still, an essential piece of the puzzle is actively managing the employer brand and ensuring a steady stream of new content. Ongoing efforts include discussions about the latest open positions and how to promote them best. We can also create paid ad campaigns to boost strategic roles, monitoring and optimizing them on an ongoing basis. These include direct ads on LinkedIn, retargeting on Google Adwords, Facebook job promotions, and pipeline building in LinkedIn for recruiting new employees.

Ready to Create an Employer Brand that Stands Out?

We’re here to take your employer branding to the next level. See how Inspired Marketing can create buzz around your company and help you better recruit and retain top talent.

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