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Inspired Marketing offers RentSafe dynamic marketing solutions, acting as an extension of their in-house team and helping them stand out in a competitive industry. With Inspired Marketing’s expertise, RentSafe is able to hit the ground running and make a big impact.


RentSafe streamlines the security deposit process for commercial properties such as office space, factories, retail premises, and more. As a B2B FinTech platform, RentSafe eliminates the financial commitment of traditional bank guarantees by issuing zero deposit guarantees for tenants, landlords, and public entities.

With RentSafe’s monthly subscription-based model, businesses can put down a guarantee without diverting capital away from their operations. Instead of the high costs associated with bank guarantees, RentSafe offers an affordable alternative that provides immediate cash release. This allows tenants to free up capital and resources, while providing landlords and public entities with added peace of mind.

In addition to commercial rentals, RentSafe also offers guarantees for tenders and purchases (credit lines). RentSafe’s services are tailored to businesses and companies, offering a comprehensive solution for tenders, performance, and quality requirements. With RentSafe, businesses can access more tenders without the limitations of needing a bank guarantee.

Founded in 2020 by CEO Avshalom Hersecovici, and licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Finance, RentSafe is based in Tel Aviv and is backed by prominent investors. Their team includes experts in finance, technology, business development, and marketing.


As a startup in a niche market, RentSafe recognized that it faced a common and unavoidable challenge: building brand awareness and credibility. While a mammoth task, its leadership team was determined to attract and build a strong customer base.

Expanding the brand’s visibility would improve its chances, positioning its offering in front of customers looking for easier and more accessible ways to secure bank guarantees for rental agreements, tenders, and procurement deals.

With a clear vision for success and a willingness to take on the challenges ahead, RentSafe embarked on a journey to increase its brand awareness and credibility, positioning itself for growth and success in the future.

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RentSafe approached Inspired Marketing with the goal of disrupting an established market with education on the value they have to offer. 

The first step was to create demand-generation campaigns using paid advertising campaigns on Google Search to drive RentSafe’s brand popularity. 

As RentSafe grew into a more popular brand, a more holistic approach became necessary. We expanded our offering to include marketing management, giving RentSafe greater strategic value through our range of comprehensive services such as content marketing, content creation, SEO, social media marketing, event support and showcasing thought leadership of RentSafe’s executives. In sum, Inspired Marketing became an extension of RentSafe’s team.

The Results

Our strategic approach, coupled with continuous optimization, enabled us to drive more awareness, elevating RentSafe’s online presence.

We developed conversion-optimized landing pages with high-quality content designed to engage and educate potential customers. Landing pages were paired with targeted PPC campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook and delivered outstanding results.

Inspired Marketing’s strategy paid offRentSafe experienced a boom in business. Here are the stats for the past year:

  • Acquisition of new customers soared by 300%
  • The volume of guarantees and their value increased x 7 
  • Repeat customers rose by over 27%

Big gains on Google:

  • Goal completions increased by 3,594%
  • Increased CTR by 68% on LinkedIn
  • Impressions increased by 93%, however viewable impressions increased by 1,030% (The number of viewed ads increased significantly due to better targeting and placement.)
  • Google search campaigns interaction rate increased by 55%, 
  • Average cost per click decreased by 41%, 
  • Conversion rate increased by 92%
  • Total number of conversions from search increased by 626%
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 69.3%. 
  • Social follower increase by 50%  
  • Goal conversions increase by 12%
  • Creation of 8 pieces of content, including 3 case studies

The results from RentSafe’s social media presence were impressive too:

  • LinkedIn followers – increased by over 50%
  • Increased levels of engagement, and earned a noteworthy reputation as a foremost industry leader.

Rounding off this success, RentSafe launched a new campaign, “Guarantee in a Click,” to capitalize on their wins:


Flexible B2B Marketing Delivers Results

At Inspired Marketing, our model for B2B for the tech industry is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of our clients. This is especially important for RentSafe, as we understand that their business is consistently evolving as the company matures. 

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach and work closely with RentSafe’s team to ensure that we are delivering the best possible results. As part of our process, we believe in constantly testing and experimenting to find new ways to drive success for RentSafe. Overall, our goal is to be a reliable and flexible partner for RentSafe, helping them to achieve their business objectives through innovative marketing strategies.

"Working with Inspired Marketing has been an absolute pleasure. From the very beginning, they have felt like an extension of our team, constantly looking for creative solutions to our marketing challenges and always striving to improve results. They are true partners, and we value their proactive approach and dedication to our success. We are constantly impressed by their willingness to test and experiment in order to find new ways to drive results for our business. We are grateful to have such a reliable and flexible partner in Inspired Marketing."
Alex - RentSafe
Alex Kaplunov-Tov
VP Business Development | RentSafe