Redefining SEO: How floLIVE's Holistic Approach Drives Meaningful Engagement and Conversions

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In this eye-opening episode of The Inspired Marketer, Yiz Segall, the Senior Demand Generation Manager at floLIVE, takes us on a journey through the evolving landscape of SEO. 

Yiz challenges conventional wisdom by advocating for SEO as a distribution channel, not just a tool for rankings. He emphasizes the importance of meaningful activity and engagement over mere traffic, using innovative metrics like scroll depth and time on page. 

Learn how floLIVE’s unique approach has led to a 6-7 fold increase in blog completion rates and transformed SEO into a powerful driver of high-intent leads. Yiz also shares actionable insights on content strategy, keyword research, and the role of paid media in boosting organic search. 

Tune in to discover how to build a robust SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals and delivers tangible ROI.

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