Inspired Social Media Management Services for B2B Tech Companies

Leapfrog your competitors with expertly crafted social media management services and strategies that break through the noise and get your voice heard by the people who need to hear it.

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Why social media marketing matters for B2B tech companies.

To buy or not to buy? That is the question being decided on social media, right now.

75% of B2B buyers rely on social media as part of their process. That wasn’t true a decade ago, when social was a flashy add-on for only the most forward-thinking startups. But these vital conversations have shifted onto social media platforms, taking your leads with them.

In short, if it’s not on social media – it’s not being heard. Nurturing leads, building relationships, showcasing company culture – it all happens in social media channels. And companies who are getting this right are reaping the benefits.

How the game has changed for B2B social media

In the past, social media management could be safely entrusted to one person with a single focus: engaging in comments, posting regular content, or following up with leads.

That’s no longer the case.

Being present and engaging on social media platforms is now, quite literally, a full-time job, for a full team of specialist engagers, designers, writers and strategists. Every piece of social media content needs to be thoughtfully and strategically devised if it’s going to stand a chance of standing out. Even worse, social media platforms are dynamic: constantly evolving and changing. This makes the struggle to stop the scroll, boost engagement and generate leads all the more complex for time-pressed B2B businesses.

Winning this game means getting the right message seen by the right people, on the right platform – over and over again. That’s not impossible – but it does take an expert touch.

At Inspired Marketing, our dedicated social media marketing team builds, implements and tracks custom plans that keep our clients tuned in to the conversations where they need to be, moment to moment.

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Fiverr Enterprise

Fiverr Enterprise revolutionized its freelance management services by partnering with Inspired Marketing to craft a bold brand identity and refine its content strategy.  This approach drove a 30% monthly increase in new website users, significantly boosted social media engagement, and positioned them as a leading authority in the freelance workforce sector.


Social media engagements

Our Benefits

Our interdisciplinary marketing team combines expertise in digital marketing, content creation and lead generation to build an influential social media presence for B2B brands.

Power On

Agile and Always “On”

An impression isn’t a read - or even a view. It’s a fleeting window of opportunity that our mostly-millennial team is adept at seizing.


Omnichannel Expertise

Think TikTok is just for B2C? Think again. Our media management services cover all the social media platforms where your leads love to engage.


Inspiration + Data

Our team blends creative flare and analytical acumen, constantly measuring how every # and @ is performing in the wild.

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HiBob, an HR tech platform, significantly elevated its social media presence with Inspired Marketing’s strategic approach, resulting in a 3X increase in LinkedIn engagement and substantial growth across other platforms within a year. Our strategy included various initiatives which drove impressive growth in followers, engagement, and organic website traffic.


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Our Process

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We take a deep dive on your buyer personas, competitors, media portals, key opinion leaders, and trending topics.

That’s how we identify the social media platforms most relevant to your products and services, and that your target audience prefers (it’s not always the ones you expect ).

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Based on this social media marketing strategy, we build a marketing plan that integrates with all of your other marketing activities: your content calendar, SEO, and paid marketing campaigns. The plan spans 4 essential pillars:

  • Managing the company profile
  • Generating corporate organic traffic
  • Boosting employee advocacy
  • Creating and publicizing thought leadership
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This is where that agility we mentioned comes into play. We use management tools like HubSpot, Hootsuite, and Buffer to schedule posts, creating a well-oiled content machine.

We engage your audience in real-time, and use paid digital marketing and authentic employee advocacy programs to amplify your reach.



Like any other form of online marketing, social media accounts need skilled management. We’re ruthless when it comes to trimming the fat and maximizing value for our clients’ budgets.

We keep our finger on the pulse as platform algorithms change, and adjust accordingly - so you never have to.

Social media platforms we work with

Social Media with Inspired Marketing

As an agency, we have the advantage of managing multiple social media accounts across different industries.

This means that we understand each platform in depth, and what it can do for businesses in a particular niche. It also means that we know where the hottest industry conversations are happening, and what they’re about. By tapping into them, we put our customers firmly on the digital map, generating and converting leads, driving traffic to their websites, and engaging with prospects in real time.

We think of ourselves as the David of the marketing world: lean, strategic, and all about results. Basically, we get A LOT done, but without wasted time or bloated budgets.

So if you’re looking for an international team of experts who really understand social media marketing and can help you get the attention of customers you’ve always dreamed of – fast – you’re in the right place.

We have some awesome clients


Here’s what they have to say


"When the pandemic started we knew that we had to show companies how to overcome their new HR challenges. This is where Inspired Marketing really made a difference. With their help, we were able to significantly expand our social media reach and engagement, when it mattered the most! The team was a genuine part of our team who helped us succeed and grow."

Zohar (Zoe) Haimovitch



"With the help of Inspired Marketing, we found more than just a team—we found partners! When we had a bold vision, they dared to walk the road less traveled with us, take creative risks and innovation. It paid off beautifully! The Inspired Marketing team doesn't just understand our vision; they go above and beyond to bring it to life."

Nir Bar-Sade

Fiverr Enterprise


“Working with the Inspired Marketing team was not only easy, but also led to excellent results. They built and maintained a significant presence for us on social media. LinkedIn follower growth and above-benchmark engagement rates were consistent throughout the years of our collaboration. I found them to be indispensable.

Shanie Weissman



"At Faddom, we invest alot in developing unique and cutting-edge technological solutions that bring real value to our customers. But, in today's competitive online space, we understand that this isn't always enough and that we need to also stand out amongst the competition to generate high-quality leads. THat's where we get support from Inspired Marketing."

Lanir Shacham