Mastering the Emotional Landscape of Modern Work: ​A Deep Dive into Burnout, Team Dynamics, and Self-Care with Claudia Brandt

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In this riveting episode of the Inspired Marketer podcast, Claudia Brandt, a seasoned coach in People Management and Leadership, unpacks the emotional complexities of today’s fast-paced work environment.

From her own journey to becoming a people coach to her groundbreaking session on burnout, Claudia offers invaluable insights into managing stress and emotional well-being. She delves into the global challenges of adapting to rapid technological shifts and the importance of setting boundaries.

Claudia also introduces the concept of “color personalities” in the workplace, exploring how ‘Reds,’ ‘Yellows,’ and ‘Blues’ derived from Personality-abc by Prof. Dr Andreas Rissler can better understand each other to foster a more collaborative and productive atmosphere.

Whether you’re an executive, a team member, or someone navigating the emotional toll of modern work, this episode is a must-listen for actionable strategies and profound wisdom.

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