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Branding & Positioning

Branding & Positioning for B2B Companies

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What is Branding & Positioning?

Branding and positioning involves the differentiation of your business from competitors in your industry, and building awareness and preference for your brand amongst your ideal target audiences. Branding and positioning services allow you to identify your company’s key values and amplify them, creating genuine connections with the most relevant audiences for growth.

In a crowded digital environment where similar B2B products and services are in constant competition to nab the same clientele, connecting the right customers to your brand can change the tides of your business from being lost at sea to making waves with a motorized paddle.

Why is Branding & Positioning so Important for Your Business?

The digital age brought with it major opportunities, dramatically increasing companies’ reach to potential customers around the world. However, increased advertising opportunities through the internet has also brought more competition. 

Potential customers have a broader range of products and services to choose from than ever before. That’s why branding and positioning are key to success for B2Bs in the digital age.

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What are the Benfits of Branding & Positioning for B2B Companies?

A well-defined brand positioning strategy brings you the following benefits:

  • It helps you understand which target markets to focus on. Your products and services can be useful to many, but only certain audiences will truly promote your business’ growth. Branding and positioning helps you to identify where your most profitable existing and potential revenue streams lay and connect to them in a meaningful way. 
  • It helps you stand out from the competition. By understanding exactly which target markets to focus on and the needs and challenges of your target audiences, you’ll be able to dig deeper into your competitors’ capabilities and understand what sets you apart. In this process, you’ll identify the core capabilities that are most relevant to your audiences, resulting in better RO from all your marketing efforts. 
  • It leads to brand consistency both inside and outside your company. Once you define your company DNA, values, market position and the core messages you want to communicate to targeted potential customers and within your company, it becomes easier to translate them into consistent and persuasive visual and written content assets across the board.
  • It helps you define which strengths to focus on when generating leads and driving sales. With a clear messaging about what sets you apart from the competition, you’ll  inbound more qualified leads, and have the tools to nurture them  and convert them into loyal customers.
  • It helps you shape your future service offering and roadmap. By understanding who your customers are, what they need and how you can give it to them, you’ll also get a clearer understanding of which direction to go in the future to further enhance your offering and strengthen your market position.  

Tailored Branding & Positioning Strategies for B2B Companies

Building a tailored branding and positioning strategy is an absolute must for any company operating in the digital space. Whether you are an early-stage venture looking to build your clientele or a well-established enterprise looking to increase your share of your market, developing a branding and positioning strategy is essential for becoming a central figure in the minds of your target customers. 

At Inspired Marketing, our expert marketing managers lead our clients through an intensive, multi-pronged process that helps us home in on what makes your company, products, and services unique. Then, we create a variety of marketing assets that play to your strengths and bring your brand into contact with the audiences that matter most. 

Our accordion model, which allows you to expand services and contract them as needed, allows us to tailor a branding and positioning strategy that is uniquely suited to your company’s current position and goals. For established businesses, we help you leverage branding to advance your market position and meet and exceed KPIs. We help new ventures build their brand and We lead branding and positioning processes for established companies as well as new ventures.

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Here’s How it’s Done

Our marketing professionals come from a wide variety of backgrounds and fields and we hand-pick your branding and positioning team members based on your specific needs. In the first stage, this team, together with key stakeholders from your company, perform an in-depth discovery of your business, understanding the products, services, people, and principles that make it one-of-a-kind.

Using the comprehensive snapshot drawn from the discovery phase, the team uses advanced tools to perform competitive market and positioning analyses. The next stage involves identifying the core branding motifs that hold sway in your market and will sculpt these proven messaging schemes around your unique value offer and company culture to create a compelling brand story. These analyses help us to determine your market share, understand your strongest selling points in relation to your competition, and uncover new target audiences and growth channels. 

The team uses the insights gained from the discovery and analysis phases to define your positioning and shape branding messages that speak directly to your target audiences’ needs and values. This is then translated into the assets you require to establish and amplify your brand across multiple channels in the market, from content to digital advertising, social media, and more. 

Once your message is defined, we build a multifaceted branding strategy aimed at advancing your market position and opening new revenue channels. Depending on your requirements, your marketing team will build a detailed branding campaign that incorporates the key marketing techniques that companies must harness to thrive in the digital age, including Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising & Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization, Employer Branding, Marketing Automation & Outreach Marketing.

We use a variety of advanced digital marketing tools to track our successes and spot where improvement is needed. Each week, your Inspired Marketing team will meet with you to review progress and discuss next steps. In addition, we perform frequent strategy review and update processes, which ensure we help you stay ahead of the latest trends in your market and in the digital marketing sphere, and ensure that your brand receives maximum attention and growth.

Ready to Make Your Mark on Your Industry with Inspired Marketing’s Branding and Positioning Services?

If you’re ready to attract new audiences, advance your market position, and build a brand that speaks precisely to your unique offerings and company values, don’t wait.

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