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Outreach Marketing for B2B Companies

Scale with Ease through Outreach Marketing for B2B Companies

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What is Outreach Marketing?

Outreach marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing method used to reach out to key individuals from your target audiences to promote awareness of your company and offerings, and to build and nurture ongoing relationships. 

Outreach campaigns combine a host of proven digital marketing techniques – including search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, PPC, targeted social media campaigns, and more – and have been proven to drive leads, conversions, referrals, and new business. 

Outreach marketing campaigns focus on segmentation and targeting – it’s the fine art of landing relevant material in front of the right people, at the right time. Marketing experts combine data from each of these elements to understand where, how, and when to approach high-value potential customers. When outreach marketing is combined with marketing automation, influential players in your target markets are taken through a seamless customer journey that bonds them to your company and helps them to take value from your offerings. 

Whereas inbound marketing methods are typically used for short-term dashes to your KPIs, outreach marketing transforms these short dashes into meaningful elements of a long-term strategy. By offering a variety of engagement options for influencers (be it topic-based chat forums, webinars, or expert consultations) each step of the marketing outreach process promotes trust and rapport. Outreach elevates your brand from service provider to a nerve center for relevant industry topics. Little by little, individuals and brands discover your company’s unique value, utility, and culture, propelling incredible long-term gains. 

What are the Benefits of Outreach Marketing for B2B Companies?

Outreach marketing raises your brand’s online presence and vitality, solidifying your company as an indispensable thought leader and valuable resource for industry know-how and best practices. Whereas short-run digital marketing campaigns emphasize products, outreach emphasizes exchange of information based on customer and industry needs, generating sturdy and meaningful relationships. 

Automated outreach marketing enables your company to distribute relevant content across multiple channels, ensuring your marketing assets reach the maximum number of relevant contacts. The cumulative result of these efforts is an upswing in exposure, increased industry trust, and more qualified leads and conversions. In a relatively short time frame, you’ll enjoy a steady stream of high-value leads that are primed for sales, thanks to an incremental outreach process that continually answers clients’ specific needs. In addition to enjoying increased revenues from a loyal customer base from low-cost initiatives, companies who use marketing outreach also enjoy:

  • Improved reputation and brand awareness
  • Higher ranks in SERPs
  • High-quality referral traffic
  • Long-term relationships with influencers
  • High CTR
  • Opportunities for cross promotion and new strategic partnerships

By meeting industry players where they are, outreach marketing efforts act like a pebble in the pond, making waves that reverberate throughout your target B2B community. 

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How Does Outreach Marketing Work?

Inspired Marketing has developed a formula that incorporates the world’s foremost professional social media platform – LinkedIn – and email marketing automations for phenomenal results. Hubspot data supports the conclusion we drew from our years of practice in the field: email marketing was ranked second among 1,000 growing businesses as the most effective path for building brand awareness. The sales data also bares out the efficacy of email outreach, with email marketing accounting for nearly 20% of online business interactions in 2020. 

We combine outreach with marketing automation to ensure maximal ease and data touchpoints. 

Here’s How it’s Done.

We lead a comprehensive assessment of your marketing activities and dissect the data from all active distribution channels to home in on the target audiences and individuals that will benefit most from your offerings. We then perform in-depth market research pinpointing mirror company and influencer profiles – information we will apply to exposing your brand to the maximum number of relevant potential customers.

Our marketing manager and content specialist will help you consolidate a messaging concept that will distinguish you from other providers in your market, and produce a steady stream of organic and paid content to intrigue and engage your target audiences from multiple angles. We monitor market trends to keep topics timely and alternate content mediums and formats to hold your target audiences’ attention. We’ll coordinate each piece of content into automated outbound sequences that will guide potential customers through a value-adding journey with ease.

We employ a variety of tracking tools and conduct ongoing A/B testing to ensure the efficacy of your campaigns. Each week, we review our results and tweak our initiatives to reflect changes in the market and customer feedback. 

Ready to Increase Brand Loyalty and Conversions through Outreach Marketing?

At Inspired Marketing, our chief goal is to apply every bit of our expertise toward growing your business, increasing retention, and getting your brand the widespread attention it deserves. Talk to us to learn more about how your company can reach highly-targeted audiences and grow business with outreach marketing.

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