Virtual Event Marketing

Is Your Virtual Event Marketing Showing Your Business From its Best Side?

It should come as no surprise that 70% of event professionals have moved at least some of their in-person events online during the last six months. Looking at the research below, it’s interesting to see the different ways that marketing professionals are attempting to turn their well-honed physical events into equally successful virtual experiences.

A Virtual Event Guide: Why Does it Work?

For many companies, trying virtual event marketing is a brand-new experience that has had a surprising amount of success. The benefits of going virtual are more than just meeting health and safety requirements during COVID-19. Here are just three of the big ones.

Improved conversion rate: Studies are showing a 58% conversion rate from invitations to a virtual event through to attendance, much higher than you would expect in-person. This could be down to the ease of registration, and how participants can join for a portion of an event far easier than if it were an in-person event.

Steep cost-savings: Businesses with a limited travel budget have evened the playing field for the first time. Many employees are being encouraged to make the most of virtual event invites while global movement is on pause, and hotels and flights don’t have to be factored in, in order to network with industry experts.

Reduced administrative overhead: An online event is a lot less complex to physically set up and everything can be handled online. No catering or entertainment to liaise with, no security to consider, no need to organize travel arrangements for speakers, or even send out tickets. This enables any business – even ones without a history of hosting events – to jump on the bandwagon.

The Biggest Challenge for Virtual Event Marketing

Great! Full steam ahead on virtual events! Except for one thing. Two-thirds of people who host digital experiences say that engaging participants is their biggest challenge.

Here at Inspired Marketing, customer engagement is our bread and butter, and we’ve supported many of our clients in turning virtual events into a great marketing opportunity and making their organization shine. With this experience in mind, we’ve put together a definitive virtual event guide for branding yourself before, during, and after your event. This guide covers the following:

    • How to engage your audience before the event begins
    • Sure-fire ways to hold onto your participants during the event
    • How to follow up after the event is over to improve conversions and leads
    • Examples of fantastic branding used for online marketing,
    • …and more!


Download the white paper below

Virtual Event Whitepaper

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