SEO writing: 5 reasons to outsource digital copywriting

SEO writing: 5 reasons to outsource digital copywriting

SEO writing is a key element of the marketing strategies of most companies in the market today, from small businesses to large enterprises. However, just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean that they’re all doing it right. That’s because SEO writing is actually a lot more complex than keyword stuffing​​, or writing copy full of keywords. With so many companies competing for the same search engine real estate, digital copywriting now requires a deep understanding of the dynamic and multi-faceted elements of search engine optimization, from the technical aspects to the over-arching strategy.

Rather than hiring an SEO copywriter in-house, there is a clear trend toward marketing strategies based on, or at last including outsourcing copywriting. Let’s look at what’s driving this growing trend and five ways companies can benefit from outsourcing their SEO writing to qualified SEO professionals.

SEO writing: 5 reasons to outsource digital copywriting

1. Keep up with changing requirements

SEO isn’t static, and what worked last year may not perform this year. Algorithms and requirements change all the time, and it’s important to make sure that every title tag and meta description is optimized for the most up-to-date requirements.  

It can be hard to keep track of it all, especially when you’re managing more than one marketing campaign or all of your company’s digital marketing efforts. Chances are that something will fall through the cracks and impact your company’s rankings, which can have significant ramifications for your business. That’s why many companies prefer to partner with professionals who can stay on top of the changes and optimize results on an ongoing basis. 

2. Meet the demand for more high-quality content

The demand for larger volumes of high-quality content is growing, and business owners often struggle to keep the pace using only internal resources.  In-house teams simply can’t create enough content fast enough to stay ahead in the SEO game. 

Companies are sometimes hesitant to outsource because they assume that outsourced content will be of lower quality than the content they create internally. However, in most cases, the opposite is actually true. In-house copywriters are deeply embedded in the industry, and often overuse industry terms or business jargon that doesn’t resonate with a wider audience or can even confuse and alienate potential customers. Top agencies, on the other hand, work with qualified, professional writers who specialize in creating engaging well-written content and can avoid those common mistakes. Moreover, an outside writer, especially one from your company’s target demographic, can help you position your product or service in a way that accurately addresses your customers’ needs.  

Therefore, by outsourcing copywriting to professional copywriting services, companies actually improve their content marketing, are able to write content with a fresh perspective, boost their search engine ranking, and maintain content quality while freeing up the in-house staff to focus on what matters most—their product or service and business growth.  

3. Get proven results

Agencies take their SEO results seriously—their core business depends on proving to clients that they can deliver. When choosing an agency, you don’t have to buy a cat in the bag or take a gamble—you can ask to speak to current clients and see their results so you know what you’re getting upfront.  

In addition, agency teams generally include both an SEO copywriter and an SEO specialist who work together closely to write content that brings in traffic, improves ranking, and gives the company’s brand visibility. Their combined efforts achieve better results than either role alone or one person trying to do both, which is often the default in in-house teams. 

4. In-depth research

The first element of SEO is choosing the right keywords to focus on, and that requires in-depth keyword research and accurately identifying target audiences, including on social media platforms. That can only be done using leading industry tools, something that is often beyond the capacity of SEO amateurs. SEO professionals have access to the top tools and the expertise needed to use them, giving their clients a true advantage. 

SEO isn’t creative writing and the robust research doesn’t stop with keywords. Accurate, authoritative articles based on trustworthy sources will always rank higher than other content. They also help establish your company as a topical authority in your field which, in turn, attracts links from other relevant sites. Over time, that can help your site rank for commercial keywords in your industry. A good content agency will always start with in-depth research on competitor articles and back up everything with credible sources. 

5. Save money and hassle

Quality content agencies have economies of scale and therefore are often more affordable than in-house services. Companies save on training and mentoring for writers when working with an agency—they get writers who are ready to hit the ground running and deliver. They also don’t have to deal with the hassle of hiring and onboarding writers and managing the high industry turnover rates. 

SEO writing: 5 reasons to outsource digital copywriting

To sum it up

No business can afford to ignore search engine optimization. However, most businesses simply don’t have the internal resources to manage SEO writing at the level required to stay ahead of their competitors on an ongoing basis. 

A strategic approach to content combined with strict adherence to the technical requirements of SEO is really the only way to keep content fresh, relevant, and repetition-free, as well as improve ranking and brand visibility. Agencies are experienced in doing the heavy lifting for that type of strategy, including defining topic clusters and setting a consistent company voice, both of which are imperative in any content strategy. 

Outsourcing may not be the right option for every business, but for many companies, it can be the best way to win the SEO game. By outsourcing SEO writing and digital copywriting to leading professionals, companies can scale their efforts, gain a competitive advantage, and direct their internal resources to key business tasks.