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SEO case study: Joonko achieves 127% increase in organic sessions. Joonko website outcomes and competitiveness bolstered through comprehensive SEO strategy and Inspired Marketing’s signature support


Joonko is an automated diversity recruitment solution that helps talent acquisition professionals to source and engage underrepresented talent and facilitate more diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in recruitment. Since its inception in 2016, Joonko has provided an innovative solution to improve the lives of women, people of color and veterans through viable employment opportunities. Recipient of accolades for startup innovation and trusted by corporate icons such as Nike, PayPal, and Atlassian, Joonko is on a mission to improve workplaces across the United States by providing talent acquisition teams and recruiters with the bandwidth to source quality candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Using its home-grown AI, Joonko’s talent exchange matches pre-vetted job seekers with open roles based on a hiring team’s criteria. Its solution allows companies to hire faster, scale the diversity of their teams, improve employer brand, and save substantial recruiting-related costs.

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The Challenges

As a start-up, Joonko was relatively new in the industry when Inspired Marketing started engagement with the company. Joonko was in the process of building a new website with React JS, an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. As Joonko sought to market its products competitively and needed to navigate the complexities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) spanning comprehensive and universal criteria, the team faced challenges caused by limitations associated with this user interface tool. 

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The Goal

Joonko’s overarching goal was to optimize its internet marketing efforts. As the company developed its website and SEO techniques, its goal was to increase its online presence and Google rankings within its target region, the United States. Metrics for success included organic traffic and click-through rates. Joonko also needed to be competitive with its online visibility, not only standing out but also providing the most relevant, useful information and user experience for its audience, including prospective clients and candidates.

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The Process

Inspired Marketing began working with Joonko in May 2020, initiating service with our SEO package in order to understand what the company’s audience was seeking online and to provide it for them. We applied our proven, multi-pronged approach to Joonko’s unique goals to build a strategy and action plan. The unique combination of SEO tactics deployed rendered the intended result.

Research and Competitor Analysis

As a first step, we explored Joonko’s industry and offering. We conducted extensive examination and assessment of the market, target audience, competitors, and other relevant websites. This process entailed strategic keyword research (including industry-specific concepts) and competitor gap analysis. For a thorough framework, we completed site audits and evaluated website user paths as well.

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Using the research and analysis as a foundation, we made an initial set of recommendations to optimize the website structure based on user intent. While there were some limitations to what Joonko could implement, most recommendations were implemented to ensure maximum impact. 

As part of the strategy and implementation, we took the following next steps:

  • Performed in-depth SEO and website audit
  • Performed in-depth keyword research
  • Performed competitor analysis (including keyword gap analysis and backlinking gap analysis)
  • Analyzed existing content marketing elements (including all blogs posts, eBooks, infographics and whitepapers)

The action items that emerged were related to various technical and on-page SEO issues. Joonko’s development team worked with Inspired Marketing to resolve technical issues. In parallel, we began to work on mapping strategic keywords, creating optimized titles and meta descriptions and strengthening internal linking based on target keywords and user intent.

To improve the quality of the existing content, we systematically optimized the main website pages and then the existing blog posts. This helped to increase relevant organic traffic and to improve search engine results. Additionally, strategic internal linking activity and changes to anchor texts were deployed to increase dwell time and click-through rates.

As we move forward toward greater SEO success, we continue to build out a full SEO content strategy and boost link building activity to ensure that our Google search positions are increasing and becoming entrenched.

Implementation through Collaborative Teamwork

Following this strategic planning phase, Inspired Marketing provided substantial support through collaborative meetings in order to get the Joonko development, marketing and content teams working together on implementation steps towards achieving common SEO goals. 

Execution Reporting and Planning Ahead

Throughout the execution of Joonko’s SEO strategy, Inspired Marketing monitored progress in the following key areas: 

  • Activity summary
  • Google Data Studio tracking
  • Month-on-month traffic and site health
  • Keyword tracking
  • Website analytics and statistics broken down by KPIs

With the understanding that optimizing website presence is an iterative process, Inspired Marketing’s SEO team also made forethoughtful strategic recommendations for the next year (2022) in order to continue to build on the foundation of initial SEO strategic plan execution and outcomes. 

The Results

Joonko’s teamwork fostered by Inspired Marketing quickly proved successful with amazing results in only 10 months. The development team, content writers from both companies, and Inspired Marketing’s SEO experts partnered to overcome challenges and as a result, accomplished impressive and measurable results in a short time span. These included: 

  • Increased traffic to the Joonko website through optimization of organic content and backlinking as well as on-page and technical SEO. By January 2022, organic sessions to the Joonko site increased by 127%, and sessions overall jumped by 1224%
  • Site Health scores grew from 60% to 84% and remain consistent month on month
  • Amongst its competitors, Joonko now ranks 3rd place for visibility based on the criteria of target keywords and keyword rank positions

With a successful SEO strategy in place and forward-thinking recommendations powered by Inspired Marketing’s essential menu of services and unparalleled client support, Joonko is considerably better positioned to achieve its vision of improving workplaces across the United States by providing HR teams with qualified talent from diverse backgrounds indefinitely into the future. 

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In 2016, Joonko began finding solutions to improve the lives of underrepresented professionals in the workplace. Having an unparalleled recruitment solution to match such talent with outstanding opportunities was one piece of that puzzle. Online presence and website user experience were also key to enhancing our brand recognition and providing relevant content to our audience. Inspired Marketing understood this gap and how to fill it by improving Joonko’s online marketing outcomes. In developing an effective SEO strategy, its team of experts not only took the time to research the most current and relevant insights, but also provided strong support in planning and executing actions. Inspired Marketing’s combination of proficiency and results quickly made a measurable difference in our online presence and reach, thereby increasing the diverse talent stream to companies and inclusive opportunities for candidates.