Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for B2B Tech Companies

Boost Credibility and Capture High-Quality Leads in the Competitive B2B Tech Landscape

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Why B2B tech companies need PPC services?

  • Precision Targeting: PPC campaigns enable B2B tech companies to target decision-makers by job title, industry, or even specific companies, leading to higher-quality leads and better conversion rates.
  • Instant Visibility: PPC provides immediate search result placement, crucial for new product launches or market entries, offering rapid visibility and quick market feedback.
  • Quantifiable Metrics: With PPC’s detailed analytics, B2B tech companies can track ROI accurately and optimize spending for the most profitable channels and strategies.
  • Brand Authority: By appearing in top search results for industry-related keywords, PPC helps establish a company as a thought leader, enhancing brand credibility and influence.
  • Market Responsiveness: The tech sector’s fast pace requires marketing agility. PPC strategies allow for swift campaign adjustments to stay ahead of industry trends and competitor actions.

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PPC Campaign Landing Page

What do our PPC specialists do?

The journey begins with keyword optimization, selecting and updating the most relevant keywords to match evolving search trends. We also perform channel optimization, pinpointing the best platforms for advertising based on where your potential customers are most active.

Regularly monitoring ad campaign performance is key, with a focus on adjusting strategies based on real-time data. By analyzing audience behavior, we can tailor campaigns to better resonate with your intended demographic.

Split testing is a routine part of the process, comparing different ad elements to fine-tune effectiveness. Meanwhile, competitive analysis provides insights into rivals’ PPC tactics, informing strategies to outmaneuver them.

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RentSafe, a B2B FinTech firm, achieved a 300% increase in customer acquisition and enhanced online engagement through strategic PPC and marketing, revolutionizing the bank guarantee process for businesses and securing their position as an industry leader.


in new customer acquisitions

Inspired Marketing: your strategic B2B PPC partner


Narrow focus,
deep experience

We achieve lasting results by focusing exclusively on B2B Tech. Our team powers the online presence of brands across the tech spectrum, from HRTech to the semiconductor industry.


Our PPC campaigns are meticulously crafted to align with the platforms' ever-evolving algorithms. We optimize ad relevance, landing page experience, and bidding strategies to ensure your ads not only appear but also perform, targeting the right audience at the right time for maximum impact

Meets Insight

Our team applies a blend of strategic precision and creative flair to craft PPC campaigns that drive targeted traffic to your site. We design compelling ads and landing pages that convert clicks into valuable leads.
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2bcloud, leveraging targeted paid ads and strategic content marketing, saw a notable increase in brand visibility and thought leadership within the cloud technology sector. This approach, including a standout paid campaign for an Azure whitepaper, generated 48 leads and an impressive 26% lead form completion rate, bolstering their reputation as industry experts and driving meaningful engagement with their audience.


lead form completion rate

How we work?

Initial research: where are we, right now? (and where are your competitors?)

We commence with a deep dive into your brand essence and competitive landscape, swiftly aligning your unique value propositions with tailored PPC goals and critical metrics for success.

The PPC audit: whats driving the data?

Cutting through the noise, our dual-focused research zeroes in on crafting precise customer personas and pinpointing high-impact keywords. The result? Campaigns that resonate and convert with laser precision.

Strategy: how can we improve?

Leveraging our B2B funnel expertise, we engineer a customized strategy from initial lead capture to final conversion. Expect dynamic nurturing tactics that keep your brand top-of-mind and compelling calls-to-action that drive results

Ongoing analysis: how do we sustain these results?

We distill your message into potent, conversion-focused content. With relentless testing and real-time analytics, we fine-tune your campaigns for unmatched efficiency. Our A/B testing uncovers the ultimate ad variants, sculpting your campaign into a conversion-driving powerhouse.

Expert B2B PPC strategy, tailored to your needs

As an agency, our actions speak louder than words. We specialize in helping dynamic tech firms and innovative startups maximize their visibility through meticulously crafted pay-per-click campaigns. Our expertise ensures clients not only appear for the right search terms but also captivate potential leads with landing pages that are optimized for conversion, turning clicks into customers.

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As a startup, our needs changed frequently, so it didn't make sense to hire according to the skillset we needed at a specific point in time. We also didn't have the resources to hire all of the expertise we needed. By working with Inspired Marketing we were able to access the experts we needed, when we needed them-no delays due to long hiring processes. We got the necessary skills to compete with the larger competitors in the market: I don't have enough words to thank this amazing team that has supported me always, In startups, you sometimes need things immediately and the team was always able to support us.

Anna Vanier

Director of Marketing



At Faddom, we invest a lot in developing unique and cutting-edge technological solutions that bring real value to our customers. But, in today's competitive online space, we understand that this isn't always enough and that we need to also stand out amongst the competition to generate high-quality leads. That's where we get support from Inspired Marketing.

Lanir Shacham

Chief Executive Officer



Working with Inspired Marketing has been an absolute pleasure. From the very beginning, they have felt like an extension of our team, constantly looking for creative solutions to our marketing challenges and always striving to improve results. They are true partners, and we value their proactive approach and dedication to our success. We are constantly impressed by their willingness to test and experiment in order to find new ways to drive results for our business We are grateful to have such a reliable and flexible partner in Inspired Marketing.

Alex Kaplunov-Tov

VP Business Development



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