How Inspired Marketing helped TIGI Solar transcend from being local to becoming global, supported by a comprehensive marketing infrastructure, a robust social media presence, SEO strategy and effective PR.

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Organic website sessions increased by 250% and social sessions increased by 350%.

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5-fold increase in organic search channel new users, and a 4-fold growth in organic social sessions

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TIGI has been featured in 8 major publications with the help of Inspired Marketing

TIGI Solar is an Israeli renewable heat solutions provider that offers turn-key renewable heat solutions, or “heat as-a-service”, to large industrial and commercial heat users. Their solutions enable companies to make the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy, improving their ESG standing without compromising on productivity. 

TIGI’s commitment to sustainability has already made a huge impact. Their technology has produced over 35,000 MWh of renewable thermal energy, a reduction of around 7100 tons of CO2 emissions. This impact is roughly equivalent to planting 269,000 trees.

In this short summary, we’ll be taking a look at how TIGI has gone from local to global, supported by a comprehensive marketing infrastructure, a robust social media presence, SEO strategy and effective PR.

An Untapped Opportunity

As a pioneer in renewable heat and heat electrification, the energy crisis of 2022 presented TIGI with a real opportunity for international growth. Technologies like their patented Honeycomb Collector empower energy-intensive businesses with a way to shift their operations away from fossil fuel reliance.

The company had the technology, the deep expertise, and the ambition to address global energy needs. But they lacked the essential marketing muscle to catapult their brand beyond local borders, and into the global markets where their game-changing solutions are so desperately needed. 

Without a dedicated marketing team, all marketing functions were handled directly by TIGI’s CEO. To keep up with their growing vision, they needed a way to put more time and focus into marketing activities.


"Working with Inspired Marketing felt like a natural extension of our own team. They understood our vision and helped us articulate it in a way that resonated with the audience we wanted to reach. We weren't just another client; we were partners working toward a common goal: to make renewable heat solutions accessible and understood."

Zvika Klier

CEO | TIGI Solar

Assembling a Team to Support TIGI’s Vision

TIGI needed a team who could build the infrastructure to support their global mission. Inspired Marketing was ready to provide the solution.

This solution was spearheaded by a Marketing Manager at the head of a multidisciplinary team that included experts in content, events, social media and digital marketing. 

Together, this team would create TIGI’s messaging, marketing collateral, and infrastructure. From the beginning, Inspired Marketing took a hands-on approach, working as if they were TIGI’s own in-house team.

Igniting the Spark

The Inspired Marketing team got to work on creating (visual identity, messaging, presentations- sales and investor, website plan, SEO infrastructure, content) a strategy that would move the dial for TIGI. They planned to implement it in two phases:

Phase 1: Laying the groundwork

This stage involved building an infrastructure to support high-impact marketing efforts. It included:

  • An English-language website that presented TIGI’s technology in an engaging and accessible way for a global audience.
  • Branding assets that could communicate TIGI’s message to customers and investors, including presentation decks, and investor deck, and videos.
  • Social media management to boost the company’s voice on LinkedIn and extend their organic reach.

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The marketing lead that Inspired Marketing provided was in continuous communication with TIGI’s CEO, acting as an extension of the TIGI team, with full accountability and transparency. By drawing on the social media expertise within her team, the marketing lead was able to boost engagement through informative content that resonated with a specialized audience. 

Phase 2: Activation

Once the infrastructure was put in place, the Inspired Marketing team could leverage their multidisciplinary expertise to spotlight the incredible partnerships and projects TIGI was engaged in, both domestically and around the world. The team includes specialists in PR, social media, event marketing and content marketing, with each member taking a crucial role in moving the project forward.

By facilitating, writing and pitching PR on their behalf, Inspired Marketing was able to bring more attention to TIGI’s outstanding achievements, and put them in front of a global readership.

Showcasing TIGI on the Road

Inspired Marketing has also been instrumental in elevating TIGI’s presence at key industry events, as well as tapping into seasonal marketing themes. Compelling visual elements in both Hebrew and English capture the essence of TIGI’s innovative solutions while increasing awareness and excitement. Untitled ( x px) ()

The Results

In the span of just eight months from January to August 2023, TIGI and Inspired Marketing produced a range of assets to support their marketing efforts:

  • A new brand book defining TIGI’s identity
  • A dynamic and engaging website
  • An informative presentation for investors

Inspired Marketing’s strategic social media efforts significantly amplified TIGI’s LinkedIn presence. And through strategic PR efforts, they had secured a number of high-profile media features for TIGI. 

A Healthy Increase in Traffic

Session traffic increased across all channels indicating a growth in brand awareness since kicking off the activity. 

  • Organic website  sessions increased by 2.5
  • Social sessions increased by 3.5 

There have also been very promising movements in user acquisition data, with a 5-fold increase in organic search channel new users, and a 4-fold growth in organic social sessions. 

TIGI Solar in the News

TIGI has been featured in 8 major publications with the help of Inspired Marketing, including NoCamels and PV Magazine.

Looking Ahead to The Sustainable Future TIGI Solar is Shaping

TIGI’s journey is a masterclass in seizing the moment. Faced with an energy crisis and holding the technological keys to a more sustainable future, they recognized the need to amplify their message. Through their partnership with Inspired Marketing, TIGI successfully built a marketing team that was fit for purpose, and ready to support them through their ongoing transformation to a global leader in their industry.

TIGI Solar is not just a company with a solution, but a vision that resonates with the needs of our times. And this is only the beginning.


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