Read how floLIVE doubles its LinkedIn following, increases engagement by over 30% and boosts social brand awareness with the help of Inspired Marketing.

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In a year floLIVE achieved a 98.6% increase in LinkedIn followers and a 30.3% increase in engagement

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Over 350 thought leadership posts were published from floLIVE executive profiles, resulting in over 1000 sessions

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Newsletter subscriber base grew over 17% in 2023 and  attracted significant organic traffic

Leaders in Global Connectivity and IoT

Founded in 2015, floLIVE is the creator of the world’s first and largest hyperlocal global cellular network. The company is a leading provider of global connectivity, network, and Connectivity Management Platforms for IoT.

Their approach has proven to be successful in addressing some of the pressing challenges in IoT connectivity, such as integrating a flexible, global technology and network that provides seamless service across different geographies. floLIVE’s solutions offer features like multi-IMSI over eSIM technology, integrated satellite connectivity, and advanced security services, which cater to the growing demands of global enterprises for sophisticated IoT solutions​.

The Challenge: Connecting With Wider Audiences Through Social Media

floLIVE’s innovative solutions occupied a unique place in the IoT connectivity space. But the company needed to amplify its presence across social media to raise its profile and online visibility beyond niche markets. 

Their main goal was to drive relevant traffic to floLIVE’s website, and create brand awareness for the floLIVE brand. But they knew that to stand out, their social content would need to be creative, eclectic, and diverse. They needed a structured framework in which to create targeted social campaigns, and a well-optimized website to boost lead generation.

floLIVE’s marketing team had to strategically balance all of these initiatives and outsource specialized tasks. They approached Inspired Marketing to help them realize this vision.

The Inspired Marketing team devised a social media plan as part of a broader marketing strategy including SEO.

Better, Bolder & More Often: Creating a Social Media Content Flywheel for floLIVE

The Inspired Marketing team worked closely with floLIVE to develop an in-depth understanding of the industry, including detailed research of competitors and relevant trends.

To strengthen floLIVE’s social media presence, they set out to increase both the variety and frequency of posts. The team focused on creating relevant, fresh content in multiple formats: videos, GIFs, infographics and carousels. In addition to the corporate profile, the Inspired Marketing team also set up strategic posting schedules for floLIVE executives to boost content visibility and their credibility.


“Inspired Marketing is more than just an agency; they are an integral part of our team. With their deep understanding of our industry, they consistently deliver results that align with our goals. Their dedication, expertise, and can-do attitude have made them indispensable to floLIVE’s social media presence. Whenever I require a new service or face an urgent need, they consistently provide unwavering support. I cannot express enough gratitude for their invaluable contributions.”

Anna Vainer

Director of Marketing | floLIVE

floLIVE Connect: an Engaging Monthly Read for the IoT World

Once floLIVE’s corporate and executive profiles were attracting more clicks and engagements, Inspired Marketing rolled out a monthly newsletter. This provided a way to rotate content effectively and consolidate monthly highlights for readers. It also gave floLIVE another avenue to acquire relevant subscribers – and ultimately, more leads.


The Results: a Leading Voice for IOT and Cellular Connectivity

Inspired Marketing’s strategy paid off, establishing floLIVE as a thought leader in their industry.

In just over a year, floLIVE achieved remarkable growth:

  • 98.6% increase in LinkedIn followers.
  • 30.3% increase in LinkedIn engagement.
  • Significant increase in clicks and organic impressions on LinkedIn.
  • Improved market positioning within the industry and their competitors from 4th to 2nd in terms of follower count and the number one position for total engagements for 2023. 
  • Over 350 thought leadership posts were published from floLIVE executive profiles with targeted content speaking to IoT professionals, resulting in over 1000 sessions, 800 clicks, and over 4000 engagements.

floLIVE Connect: a Trusted Source of Information and Advice for Industry Leaders and Professionals

The LinkedIn Newsletter that Inspired Marketing created attracted significant organic traffic and further enhanced floLIVE’s competitive positioning.

In 2023, this newsletter’s subscriber base grew over 17%, indicating significant growth for such a specialized technical audience. The newsletter’s reach continues to grow, with the number of impressions tracking consistently upwards.

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