Read how Inspired Marketing stepped in when floLIVE needed a marketing team that could serve as an extension of its in-house team to hit the ground running, while pivoting and evolving as the company scaled up.

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Lead generation completion rate of 24% (exceeding the benchmark by an impressive 14%)

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LinkedIn followers doubled, engagement rates grew by x5 across all platforms, and Twitter clicks grew x10 within one year.

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Website sessions increased by healthy 423%, users by 348%, and new users by 355% 

floLIVE operates the first and largest global, hyperlocal cellular data network of its kind, based on local POPs in dozens of locations worldwide. With the largest global connectivity library of its kind, we provide centrally managed, localized connectivity for any device, anywhere. Global means no limits on where you do business; local means low latency, high performance, and full compliance.

floLIVE’s network has been designed to comply with the emergence of privacy acts, data regulations, and roaming restrictions. Best of all, we provide direct access to our network that lets you control your connectivity as if you were the carrier. Monitor your devices, access real-time network events and usage, switch operators remotely, and troubleshoot failures ahead of time, so your devices never miss a beat.


As an early-stage startup, floLIVE was relatively unknown and had limited marketing resources. The company needed to go to market, increase awareness, and drive conversions fast but didn’t have an in-house team to support the Director of Marketing at that time.

floLIVE needed a marketing team that could serve as an extension of its in-house team and hit the ground running while pivoting and evolving as the company grew and developed.


“As a startup, our needs changed frequently, so it didn’t make sense to hire according to the skillset we needed at a specific point in time. We also didn’t have the resources to hire all of the expertise we needed. By working with Inspired Marketing we were able to access the experts we needed, when we needed them​​—no delays due to long hiring processes. We got the necessary skills to compete with the larger competitors in the market. I don't have enough words to thank this amazing team that has supported me always. In startups, you sometimes need things immediately, and the team was always able to support us”.

Anna Vainer

Director of Marketing | floLIVE

The Goal

floLIVE was looking to increase its online presence and gain recognition as a creative, unique, thought leader in its industry. The company also wanted to be competitive with regard to online visibility.

The Process

floLIVE initially approached Inspired Marketing in 2020 for content marketing support. By 2022 Inspired Marketing was a key part of the floLIVE team, providing a full suite of marketing services.

We started working with floLIVE on content marketing. The first step of the collaboration involved accurately defining the target audience and creating content to engage that audience including a glossary of industry terms; topic clusters around 5G, industry sectors, and main keywords; premium content like guides and whitepapers; emails, and more.

As time went on, floLIVE requested additional services, including SEO, HubSpot support, social media management, and PPC. By 2022, Inspired Marketing was providing floLIVE with a full suite of marketing services (Marketing Management as a Service) including the following:

Various video remarketing campaigns on Google and social media networks.

Ongoing keyword research and content adaptation to increase incoming traffic to the website and optimize conversions, as well as monthly SEO audits and fixes to ensure optimal functioning of the website.

Social Media:
Social media strategy, planning, and creative concept development, ongoing management and optimization of company assets on various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Results:

By working with Inspired Marketing, floLIVE gained a full marketing team that has grown with the company and has an in-depth understanding of the company’s brand, service offerings, value proposition, and messaging. Using a single agency for all marketing activity, rather than working with several contractors, helped floLIVE build a unified marketing strategy and a single unified message across all platforms—no discrepancies.

The long-term, cohesive relationship has enabled a trusted partnership between team members from both companies. IM has been able to fully address floLIVE’s business goals and find creative ways to appeal to its target audience. The results have been comparable to those of companies with large marketing departments and budgets.

Lead generation: Lead generation completion rate of 24% (exceeded the benchmark by 14%)

Social Media: Linkedin followers doubled, channel engagement rates grew by x5 across all platforms, and Twitter clicks grew x10 within one year.

Website traffic: Sessions increased by 423%, users by 348%, and new users by 355%

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