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How Bold Risk-taking in Brand Identity and Content Strategy Paid Off for Fiverr Enterprise with the Help of Inspired Marketing

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30% increase of new users to Fiverr Enterprise’s website per month

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25% increase in engagement on LinkedIn (MoM)

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10% follower increase in February 2023 alone

Freelance talent is rapidly becoming a significant part of the workforce. Fiverr Enterprise (formerly Stoke Talent), a Freelance Management System (FMS), is a true trailblazer in this sector. Fiverr Enterprise enables companies and businesses to hire, onboard, and manage freelancers effectively while ensuring legal and tax compliance. By streamlining the entire freelance process, Fiverr Enterprise reduces the time spent on worrying and chasing invoices, tax docs and endless paperwork. This, in turn, provides companies with full visibility and control over their freelance workforce.

However, Fiverr Enterprise‘s journey to success wasn’t without its challenges. The company grappled with the challenge of crafting a brand persona that was both bold and provocative, one that would stir emotional engagement among their audience. They wanted to do this without oversimplifying or overcomplicating the core message. However, their initial content strategy diluted the message and persona they aimed to convey and hindered their ability to nurture leads effectively. That’s when Fiverr Enterprise turned to Inspired Marketing for help.

The Inspired Marketing Solution

Inspired Marketing implemented a comprehensive social media strategy for Fiverr Enterprise, leveraging LinkedIn and Twitter to reach and engage their target audience. By creating a series of targeted content focused on workforce trends for 2023 and addressing key questions such as “How Marketing Agencies Can Retain Top Freelance Talent” they effectively nurtured leads and built authority. Additionally, the thought-leadership series, #AskShahar, featuring Fiverr Enterprise‘s Co-founder & CEO, Shahar Erez, provided insights on topics like “Why is quiet quitting a myth?” and “What do I need to know about skills-first hiring?” further solidifying Fiverr Enterprise‘s expertise of the contingent workforce.


With the help of Inspired Marketing, we found more than just a team—we found partners! When we had a bold vision, they dared to walk the road less traveled with us, take creative risks and innovation. It paid off beautifully! The IM team doesn't just understand our vision; they go above and beyond to bring it to life. Lorem

Nir Bar-Sade

VP Marketing | Fiverr Enterprise

An Upward Trajectory Across All Channels

The collaboration between Fiverr Enterprise and Inspired Marketing saw exceptional results. Social media-driven traffic brought a 30% increase of new users to Fiverr Enterprise’s website per month, with LinkedIn being the top contributors. 

Between September 2022 and February 2023, Fiverr Enterprise and Inspired Marketing continued to refine their content strategy. They discovered that curated content, open-ended polls, and “how-to” style blogs resonated with the audience. The #AskShahar series emerged as the top-performing content across all platforms.

Content that piqued audience interest included guides, videos, questions, and hot topics related to freelancers. With each passing month, Fiverr Enterprise witnessed substantial growth in clicks, engagements, and followers. Their LinkedIn page saw a 10% follower increase in February 2023 alone, with a 25% increase in engagement.

A Success Story in the Making

The partnership between Fiverr Enterprise and Inspired Marketing demonstrates how creative content marketing strategies can unlock a world of possibilities. Our approach to content creation, focusing on authenticity and audience engagement, has allowed Fiverr Enterprise to become an industry leader in the freelance management space.

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