Creating a differentiated brand, messaging, and website together with Faddom, and using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other advanced marketing tools to increase visibility and generate high-quality leads

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A steady 40% increase in traffic to their new website 

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Organic and paid inbound marketing efforts started to bring in high-quality leads

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Started to convert leads into customers easier

Faddom (Formerly VNT) offers a smart solution that creates interactive, real-time maps of its customers’ IT environments. Its solution is unique in that it works without credentials, firewalls or agents, and gives Faddom customers valuable visibility into their application dependencies and communications. This can then be used to efficiently assess costs, discover a hybrid ecosystem, and model workloads for migration.

The Need

In mid-2019, Faddom approached the team at Inspired Marketing for help with focusing its product offering for the specific needs of its ideal target audience; and enhancing its corporate branding and messaging so that it clearly communicates the value of its unique product features with this audience.


"At Faddom, we invest a lot in developing unique and cutting-edge technological solutions that bring real value to our customers. But, in today’s competitive online space, we understand that this isn’t always enough and that we need to also stand out amongst the competition to generate high-quality leads. That’s where we get support from Inspired Marketing. Together, we are working hard to define a differentiated brand and messaging, and to consistently increase our visibility to attract potential customers that we can then convert into customers".

Lanir Shacham

CEO | Faddom

The Process

After researching Faddom’s target audience and ideal personas, as well as its existing offerings, the team at Faddom and the team at Inspired Marketing defined several use cases – Change Management, Migration, and Cost Optimization. The next step was to design and implement customized landing pages and campaigns around these use cases to generate leads. Next, over a period of a few months, the different elements of these landing pages and campaigns, including their visuals, taglines and content, were tested and adjusted to determine which of the product offerings was the best fit for market needs and Faddom’s ideal customers.

Equipped with a better understanding of these offerings and use cases, the next step was to assist Faddom in building a new website that clearly reflected and differentiated its brand and product offering based on the guidelines and input of the company’s executives. To do this, we first defined a user-centric site map and then used this to create a unique visual story, as well as focused messaging and content.

In parallel, we applied our multi-pronged Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process to ensure that the new website and any related content were fully optimized to rank well in search engine results and consistently bring in high-quality leads. We began this process by getting Faddom’s input about the main requirements and needs of its customers, researching and grouping the keywords that potential customers use to look for related solutions, prioritizing and localizing them according to Faddom’s customer base, business, and market segment, and performing a competitive analysis to see how competitors are ranking for these keywords.

Following the release of its new website, we continued to work closely with the team at Faddom, and to provide the company with SEO services. These services include ongoing on-page optimization, as well as off-page optimization (“link building”) in order to generate high-quality inbound links from trusted websites in the industry. We are still in the process of increasing this visibility, and recently, Faddom was featured in industry-leading blogs such as InedoBlog and Comparitech.

In addition, we continuously monitor, report on, and optimize metrics such as traffic, conversions and leads, technical website parameters, and keywords and rankings to ensure that Faddom’s SEO performance is always improving.

We also continue to complement these services with additional marketing activities that further boost lead generation. These activities include supporting Faddom in the creation of persona-focused content such as whitepapers and blog posts, and then promoting this content both organically and through paid advertising campaigns on social media and Google, paid advertising on Quora, automated email marketing, sales tools and presentations, and features on leading online industry-related sites such as.

The Results

In the short time since we began working with Faddom, the company has seen a steady monthly increase of about 40% in traffic to their new website, which is a great start, and we intend to do whatever we can to make sure these numbers keep increasing. This, together with our organic and paid inbound marketing efforts, has started to bring in high-quality leads that have been successfully converted into Faddom customers. Our goal is to continue these efforts together with the team at Faddom to keep differentiating their brand and bring in high-quality leads through digital marketing efforts.

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